Homewatch Service

Home Watch Service

Don’t leave your beautiful home in the East Valley unattended or rely on your relatives or neighbors to watch over your investment in your absence. You can have peace of mind that your home will be safe when you use our home watch service while you are away.

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Our Homewatch Service includes:

  • Inspect your home on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis insuring your property’s security
  • Check landscaping irrigation, repair any bad conditions
  • Keep trash, newspapers, other objects picked up
  • Check operation of appliances, refrigerator, freezer
  • Flush toilets
  • Run all faucets to insure traps are kept moist, and prevent sewer gases.
  • Run dishwasher, washer monthly to keep the seals from drying out
  • Inspect for damage after major storms, interior and exterior
  • Keep water receptacles filled
  • Start vehicles upon request
  • Water interior plants
  • Check mailbox, forward important mail upon request
  • Change air filters on a periodic basis, (customer supplied)
  • Provide report and photos of any damages that may occur due to storm, vandalism, etc.
  • Storm inspections

Prepare your home prior to departure

  • Forward your mail
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors, irrigation system, other appliances
  • Change A/C filters
  • Place your water softener in By-Pass mode
  • Turn off Hot Water heater or place in vacation mode
  • Turn off valves to washing machine, RO system,  & ice maker
  • Store patio furniture and grill in garage or storage
  • Prepare your vehicle for sitting for long period of time.
  • Set air conditioning thermostat to 85
  • Provide water receptacles if being used
  • Instruct landscaper and pool service company on periodic maintenance.  Advise that someone is watching your property.

Mark’s Affordable Service can provide assistance with the above items to prepare your home prior to your departure

Prior to your return we will prepare your home for arrival.  All items in above list will be made operational and appliances, faucets, and valves checked for proper operation.

Optional services provided by Mark’s Affordable Service

  • Provide repair, upgrades to your property while you are away.  Painting, electrical, plumbing, etc. ( See Services)
  • Clean your home and property thoroughly
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Power wash home exterior, driveways, garages, patios
  • Landscape trimming, weed removal, clean up
  • Receive deliveries
  • Meet other service providers
  • Address HOA violations

If you don’t see what you may need on the list, let us know as we  accommodate most requests.

NOTE: Any additional items that require our attention will be approved by you prior to execution.  In the event of extensive property damage, measures may be taken to secure your property prior to you being contacted.

References upon request

Who’s watching your property in your Absence?  Try our homewatch service  and have peace of mind your home will be safer in today’s environment.

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