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When you need someone to assist you in your maintenance requirements, Mark's Affordable Service is here to help. We can take care of many items.

  • Plumbing

    We take care of most items plumbing items up to the wall. This includes changing or repairing plumbing items such as faucets, toilets, and replacing water heaters. We install new valves and pressure regulators when required.

  • Electrical

    Very seldom does an electrical switch or outlet goes bad, but when it does, we can replace it for you. In fact, electrical is one of our favorite areas in the handyman arena. If you have an outlet or switch that needs replacing, or even a circuit breaker updated, contact us for any electrical problem or upgrade you may be thinking of.

  • Inspection Reports

    Have you recently sold your home or about to? If you've had an inspection recently and there were items found that need attention, we can help you with taking care of the issues. Typically when you sell your home the buyer will have an inspection report done. On the inspection report will be items found that may require repair to satisfy the buyer. In these instances contact us for more information on getting your required repairs to satisfy the new home owner.

  • Painting

    Mostly we only provide touch up painting when an exterior or interior has been repaired and in need of painting. We can assist you in obtaining the color of paint required for your project.

  • General Maintenance

    General repairs are some time required to maintain your property. Also included as part of that is the changing of items that may be outdated or dirty. For instance your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors may be outdated and should be changed. These typically have a life of 10 years and it they are older than that, they should be replaced. If these are younger than 10 years and are alerting you something is wrong, perhaps the batteries need replacing. Air filter replacement is also very important.

  • What we don't do...

    Currently and in the future we do not do repair work on roofs, or work on air conditioning. We leave that to the certified professionals.

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